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One of the many excellent parts of my job is being able to hear my clients feedback, below is a review from one of my clients Mrs. Kan.

“We are planning to go to Bali to celebrate our 20th anniversary. If you ever been to Bali you will be overwhelmed by the hotel choice they offer. I had used Virtuoso Hotels before so I decided to check their web site to see if there are any advisors that can help me to make the decision. There, I came across Joyce Krichman who has 100% good reviews on the web site and has a wonderful smile on her profile picture.

When I called her, I was merely trying to get a quote for a 3 nights hotel stay but I took the chance to ask her on some hotel recommendations. Joyce was extremely helpful and informative and went out of her way to give me to get the best deals based on my needs. She even sent me info on dining and shopping suggestions. Frankly, in the luxury travel market, I am just a customer asking for a little quote. I was very surprised by the services and the attentiveness she gave me.

In this digital era, anyone can get a good price by using internet search. What makes agents stand out is their great service and follow-up. Most importantly is that they listen to what a client want and not what they want to sell.

Joyce was able to give me the service that I need. I will definitely recommend her to my friends down the road.”